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2004 Tesla Coil project

Grand Champion Rain Gutter Regatta Racer

Ist Place science Project

The Bolt Rocket

Award Winning Derby Cars

Alley the Marionette

All Star Trophies

Webelos Pins

The Robot Star Wobble Model

Replica Tomahawk Cruise Missle

!800's paper Model "Poeville"










Collin's CCTC05 Tesla Coil project is in the second year. The Tesla coil is a high frequency high potential transformer named for the inventor Nikola Tesla. The 2005 model (pictured below) with an new MMC capicitor and a new Flat Primary has discharge of 20 in and at our moderately low power source is excellent output. ( action footage 2meg animated gif)
Tesla's Colorado Lab Coil Photo    
Progress  picture links below
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CCTC05 shown here displayed in the Bussey Middle School 8th grade Science Fair
2nd Place (dang 1st wasn't this good)
Wow! check out this Coiler!
Neon Transformer
# 22 magnet wire
PVC pipe
Beer bottles
Small fan
Aluminum pie plate
# 6 copper wire
# 14 house wire
Rock Salt
Aluminum Duct
Scrap wood
Wood dowels
Ground Rod
Bolt rods
Brass angle braces
Brass nuts & bolts
Aluminum foil
Electrical tape
Spray Polyurethane
Black paint
Hot Glue Gun
Nuts and bolts
Metal screws
Aluminum tape
Wood glue
Foam board
Switch box
Motor Oil

Collin has Represented Northwest Garland Little League three years in All-Star tournaments. his 2002 season Astros took 1st place league and 3rd overall of 21 Garland Teams Inter-League play. His positions are First Base, Catcher and Second Base

The Bolt Rocket took 1st Place  design awards in Pack 1036 Space Derby race 2001


"Alley" the Marionette created by Collin Stared in the puppet production by Den 2 of Pack 1036 while earning the Showman Webelos Pin

--Collin 1st first place Science Fair in 5th grade for his study of the dissolving properties of variety of different solutions on Willy Wonka everlasting gobbstoppers.


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Tiger Pinewood Derby

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Bear Pinewood Derby

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Wolf Pinewood Derby

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Webelos Pinewood Derby

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Tomahawk Cruise Missile Space Derby Best of show

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Bolt Rocket Best of Show

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The Grand Champion Rain Gutter Regatta Racer of the Pack 1036 2001 Race
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The Colony Model dubbed "Poeville" (click pictures for better views) and also view3. A social studies construction paper model
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What do you call people who live in "Poeville"? click here for answer

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