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2003 Tesla Coil project

Grand Champion Rain Gutter Regatta Racer

Ist Place science Project

The Bolt Rocket

Award Winning Derby Cars

Alley the Marionette

All Star Trophies

Webelos Pins

The Robot Star Wobble Model

Replica Tomahawk Cruise Missle

!800's paper Model "Poeville"










Collins award winning projects of all kinds - Collin Attends 7th grade at Jackson Magnet of Science, Math and Technology of Garland and has assembled a collection of projects, accomplishments and trophies for fun viewing (were working on it).  You can e-mail Collin for questions about his secrets at  Click for Dallas, Texas Forecast
The Tesla Coil project is under way. The Tesla coil is a high frequency high potential transformer named for the inventor Nikola Tesla. In laymen's terms a lighting machine resonant transformer. Check back for progress

Collin has Represented Northwest Garland Little League the last three years in All-Star tournaments. His positions are First Base, Catcher and Second Base

The Bolt Rocket took 1st Place  design awards in Pack 1036 Space Derby race 2001


"Alley" the Marionette Stared in the puppet production by Den 2 of Pack 1036 while earning the Showman Webelos Pin


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Tiger Pinewood Derby

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Bear Pinewood Derby

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Wolf Pinewood Derby

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Webelos Pinewood Derby

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Tomahawk Cruise Missile Space Derby Best of show

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Lighting Bolt Best of Show

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The Grand Champion Rain Gutter Regatta Racer of the Pack 1036 2001 Race
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The Colony Model dubbed "Poeville" (click pictures for better views) and also view3. A social studies construction paper model
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What do you call people who live in "Poeville"? click here for answer

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